Rabbit War Funds

Security and Military Defense Consulting for the 21st Century

The threat landscape facing the United States in the 21st century is both complex and constantly evolving at an ever-increasing pace. Rabbit War Funds understands this pace and complexity and provides military defense and security consulting services to protect the national interests and preserve the national security of the United States of America. Whether it’s tactics, strategies, capabilities, or processes, Rabbit War Funds provides the support needed to achieve highly complex mission goals ad requirements.

Mission support is one of our strong suits. When the stakes are high, RWF supports big-impact missions anywhere in the world. We can assemble the expertise, logistics, and operational support needed for mission-readiness 24/7/365, and we do it on time and on budget.

Supporting the U.S. intelligence community is more important than ever. RWF assists with whatever support is needed, from strategic planning to intelligence management and analysis, from information sharing to training, counterintelligence and other types of support as needed.

Investing for Protecting National Security

While the threats facing the United States are many, so are the opportunities to make a real difference. But it takes creative, outside-the-box thinking, peak performance, and top-notch efficiency to achieve success. Throughout it all we keep our eyes on the ultimate prize: Keeping our nation safe.

Accomplishing this kind of high-impact work takes substantial financial resources. RWF takes an innovative approach to proactively supporting the protection of national security: Using its own capital resources, RWF makes strategic investments through a variety of channels and markets to generate the income and profits needed to make the American public safer and protect the freedoms we all enjoy, day in and day out.